Day 234: The Real Reason You Can’t Find a Good-Paying Job

4 in 5 in USA face near-poverty, no work

WASHINGTON (AP) — “Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.Survey data exclusive to The Associated Press points to an increasingly globalized U.S. economy, the widening gap between rich and poor, and the loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs as reasons for the trend.”

The above article talks about a loss of ‘good paying manufacturing jobs’ playing a role in poverty in America.

Let’s examine the existence of ‘good paying jobs’ and ‘bad paying jobs’. What this means is that there are some jobs that provide enough income for a good quality of life, and other jobs that do not.

Some jobs require hard physical labor.
Some jobs require more intellectual processes.
Some jobs require leadership and management skills.
Some jobs require mostly standing around waiting for customers and every now and then pushing some buttons.
Some jobs require an outgoing personality with well developed interpersonal skills.
Some jobs require an expensive piece of paper awarded you by something called a ‘college’ stating that you have effectively completed a course of study qualifying you in a particular field of book-knowledge and vocabulary applied within a particular practice.
Some jobs require a lot of previous experience.
Some jobs require no previous experience.
There are some geographic areas with a lot of jobs available.
There are some geographic areas with few jobs available.
There are some geographic areas with many types of jobs available.
There are some geographic areas with very few types of jobs available.

So, a good quality of life is directly linked to how much money you have, and how much money you have is determined by the type of job you have. Within that, the type of skills you have, the type of personality you have, the type of education you have, the relationship connections you have, the type of vocabulary you have, the type of intellect you have, your geographic location, your experience level, your preferences, your fears, your desires, your beliefs, your motivation, your thought patterns, your intellectual and physical potential — these are some of the factors that determine what kind of job you will have.

Now, what do we know? We know that we don’t all physically and / or mentally have the same potential or capacity to develop a certain skill set or to get a certain qualification, and we know we don’t all have the same resources to do so even if we DO have the potential. Simplistically — we all know that we can’t ALL qualify for a ‘good paying job’, in the system as it exists currently. I mean, like the article above says — part of the cause of poverty in America is because of a LOSS of ‘good paying jobs’ in certain areas – meaning even if you ARE qualified — there may not be such a job even available and you may have to settle for a ‘bad paying job’. So, it may even be that you don’t geographically ‘qualify’ for a ‘good-paying job’.

A good quality of life is achievable only if you meet specific qualifications – only if you have the ability to access specific kinds of jobs. And the fact is there are not enough ‘good paying jobs’ for everyone — which means the whole system is flawed, and fundamentally does not support an effective Ecosystem for Human Beings.

But the point here is that the job system is not flawed due to any ‘natural’ forces. ‘Good paying jobs’ are not a ‘natural resource’ determined by Nature. WE DECIDE what is a ‘good paying job’. WE DECIDE that not everyone is WORTHY of ‘good pay’.

The way income is allocated in the system through different types of jobs really amounts to discrimination. I mean why do we not see the obvious discrimination, the obvious de-valuing of Human Life and Denial of Human Rights in the decision to deliberately deny someone enough money to support themselves, resulting in them existing in poverty, just because of their skill level, intellectual capacity, level of motivation, personality traits, expendability within a company, etc?

We’re all familiar with this discrimination — we all experience it in our own jobs. So why do we accept it? Why do we pretend to support equality and happiness and oneness and sharing and caring and peaceful co-existence, while at the same time accepting and allowing a system where you can work a job and yet not achieve your basic human right to a good life? Why do we accept and allow this discrimination based on the kind of job you hold? Doesn’t that indicate that we’ve been brainwashed to see the the value of a Human Being only in terms of the level of their function to protect the Capitalistic profit motive?

We could, if we DECIDED to, value everyone equally and decide to Give everyone enough money for a GOOD LIFE. It’s just a matter of those providing the jobs and generating massive profits, making the decision to work together to use Profit to fund a Good Income for Everyone.

With the Living Income Guaranteed Proposal, we’ve already worked out the basic principles and structures of HOW this would work in a way where everyone wins.

I support a Living Income Guaranteed because I do not support the creation of Poverty through Discrimination. I stand for a system where every job is a ‘good paying job’.

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