Day 236: Transforming Ego to Empathy – Part 2

Continuing from the previous post: 

“Now take a moment to consider the different types of jobs in the system, involving different kinds of relationships with other people — for instance sales jobs, public speaking jobs, being in a courtroom, being in a management position, doing hard physical labor 12 hours a day, being an engineer, a mathematician, a teacher? How about being a famous actor? A famous author? How about becoming a CEO of a large corporation? Maybe you had a series of opportunities that led you to be able to become what you are today — but do the conditions exist, do the opportunities exist right now for you to become let’s say — a famous actor? How about a city council member? Or, here’s a good one — since we believe it’s all about ‘motivation’ — we must really understand motivation, and therefore we would have no problem becoming a motivational speaker, right? It’s as simple as making the ‘choice’ to do it, right? 

Obviously when we start to look at things from this perspective, we immediately can see how various factors like our personality, our strengths and weaknesses, our education, our specific skills and aptitudes, and our connections with other people in the system have greatly influenced what we do and what we have achieved. Suddenly, opportunity and achievement in the system is not as black and white as ‘taking initiative’ or ‘making a choice’. 

Let’s take this point further and make it more interactive. Take a moment and identify something you feel you would be unable to do in the time you have in this life — something that you cannot imagine yourself putting in the effort of changing and improving yourself and studying a certain field and developing particular skills for — something you would experience great resistance towards. Identify that point of resistance, that point of limitation, whether it’s a skill / career / job you feel would be impossible for you to do, or whether it’s a habit or addiction or desire or fear you feel would be impossible for you to overcome. Identify that point of resistance and ‘impossibility’ and we’ll continue in the next post. “

Okay so now we’ve identified something – let’s say a certain job / career, that we feel would be impossible or nearly impossible for us to do. I mean for example let’s look at the various Engineering and Mathematics fields as well as Medical fields in the system — they obviously require a huge amount of study and self discipline and a certain aptitude toward things like Math and complex problem solving. Now imagine a successful Brain surgeon says to you — ‘I make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year being a brain surgeon, and since I did it – you could do it to — you just don’t have the initiative — you’re just lazy and have a bad attitude’. 
Or maybe it’s a successful Actor who makes millions of dollars per movie telling you — ‘I make millions being an actor, if I can do it – so can you — you just don’t have the right attitude, you’re just lazy, you aren’t positive enough, you only make less money than me because you choose to’. 
Or how about a rich and influential politician coming from a family of rich and influential politicians, telling you the only reason you’re not a rich and influential politician is because you don’t have the right attitude, and you just haven’t made the ‘choice’ to become rich and influential?
Obviously within these examples, when we place ourselves in such a position with such people telling us these things — we clearly see and understand that there are more factors involved in what you do as a job, than just ‘your attitude’ and ‘your choice’. I mean, when we really look at ourselves — we can see there are things that we simply do not have the capacity to do or would have a really hard time trying to do — due to various factors like our education, our specific aptitudes or lack of aptitudes, our specific personality traits, our family and upbringing, our culture, our specific fears, the amount of free time we have or don’t have, the people we know or don’t know, the city we live in, the amount of money we have saved, etc etc. 
And we all know and understand how difficult it is to give up certain habits and addictions, or to do something that continually triggers reactions within us – which is why for instance so many people end relationships and have conflict in their lives — we all know how we tend to accept / believe that whatever comes up within us is just ‘part of who I am’ and ‘I can’t change who I am’.  
And it’s the same with Money / Work as well. We all know that in the job situation we each currently find ourselves in — there is a certain level of acceptance — that what we’re doing as our job currently is just because ‘that’s who I am’ — which is why not everyone is a rich doctor or a rich business man or a rich actor — because we all actually know and understand that we didn’t really CHOOSE what we’re doing. Our ‘Choice’ was shaped / determined largely by our particular personality / opportunities / available support / fears / preferences / system connections / self beliefs, etc.
We’ll continue opening this point up in the next post.

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