Day 241: Humanity as Interest Groups – Part 2

Continuing from the last post: Day 240: Humanity as Interest Groups – Part 1

“…as we got older and entered our school years we started accumulating and adding to our individual interests / wants / desires / preferences, and we started doing something we’re all familiar with which was to accept or reject / like or dislike others based on whether we found we could ‘relate’ to their interests and their personality, and vice versa. We started forming friendships and social groups which — are Interest Groups, aren’t they? Fast forward a few years to where most of us now have some kind of job or career, and we become quite industrious in our actions of earning an income — so that we can do what? So that we can protect and further our interests, and the interests of those with whom we’ve formed Interest Groups with – which is our Relationships. So in a way our lives very much mirror the Capitalist Economic System, where we initially start out as our own Company with our own interests, and eventually we form Interest Groups with other Companies that share our interests – which becomes the ‘Company we Keep’, and then we start ‘having Company over’, right? lol -“

So continuing in exploring this point of Companies, within this what I notice quite prevalently in the way we as humanity look at the world is that with our relationship toward the money system and within that how we see the money system’s relationship toward the planet we are living on, is that we see everything as the responsibility of big companies, corporations, government leadership, and we are very quick to criticize and blame and get frustrated with these ‘big groups’ and feel like we ourselves as individuals, and our immediate relationships hold no power to influence anything of how the world works because — the sphere of influence within which we operate tends to be very small — our home / apartment, and within that our friends / partners / families / coworkers and basically that’s it. While all these big companies with their famous logos and famous names and big buildings — they’re really big and well established within all areas of our lives — we see them in magazines and on TV and in the news and in movies and in advertisements and within everything we can see and touch when we go shopping — really our actual primary environment on this planet is an environment built entirely of products and governed by laws and rules and regulations managed by these large organizations and we never actually directly interact with the Physical Environment without the influence of the Economic System. I mean whenever we want to change our environment or move within our environment or access something related to living / functioning within our environment — that requires us to interact with these companies and organizations and government entities and all of that requires money — our access to our environment and the quality and nature of our functioning within our environment is controlled / determined entirely by our ability to access and utilize the functions of Companies through Money.

We all know that the function of Companies in our money system is to make a profit – and we all know, within seeing the existence of individuals and small groups of people amassing millions and billions of dollars, giving them unimaginably more power of access within the system than the average person, that the primary principle of Profit is — Self Interest. In the end, no matter how much philanthropy, charity, and funding of public works such individuals and groups enact — the fact that alongside such activities over generations of time there has always existed poverty, starvation, unemployment, undignified living conditions, pollution and environmental destruction and disregard – shows that at the end of the day the primary interest is — amassing and protecting wealth for a select few to have a nice life.

Now what do we not yet seem to grasp within the relationship of such Profit interests and their Consequences, to our own individual interests within the Interest Groups of our immediate relationships?

We will continue in the next post.

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