Day 246: How Love Got Lost in the Matrix – Part 2: Revelations

Continuing from the last post:

Day 245: How Love got Lost in the Matrix – Part 1

“We don’t want to be alone with only ourselves in this world because this is a painful and often uncomfortably reality / world, and there are many difficult and often unpleasant things to do like finding ways to make money to survive, paying bills, avoiding physical harm, coping with illness and disease, avoiding becoming a victim of possible crimes or violence, or bullying, etc – and when we tell each other we are special, and that we need each other, and that we appreciate each other – then we feel good, there is a fuzzy sensation within our physical bodies — and we call this sensation ‘Love’. We value this feeling / sensation we call ‘Love’ above everything else because — in this world where so many things bring up a reaction of fear, or anxiety, or confusion, or uncertainty, or pain, or discomfort — when we come together and tell each other / remind each other that we need each other and are special to each other — then the Fuzzy sensation / feeling appears again and — ahhh, what a relief — I have ‘LOVE’ – I am ‘Loved’. I have someone to ‘Love’. Now, I don’t feel / experience this ‘love’ toward everyone, no. Only those in my immediate world – my immediate relationships because — I don’t have a connection with the other people in this world – I’ve never met them, and they don’t play a role in my daily life of doing and saying things and being there for me in a way that helps me stay safe from my fears.”
“…the basic Principle we’re looking at is how the word ‘Love’ fundamentally is tied to — Fear.” 
“So, what this goes to show is that here in the speaking / living of the word ‘Love’ – it’s not in fact the person ‘expressing themselves’ within any kind of self awareness or self honesty in terms of how the word has been defined, what are the values and ideas behind the word, and what are the implications of the definitions being accepted, and how these definitions shape one’s opinions and the way one sees the world, others, ourselves. For example within the words “Not sure you can love “everyone.” It is something that you feel for a few, not the many.” We can start to see how it’s in fact – a program speaking — a construct of information that has not actually been investigated / clarified by the person speaking the words. And I say this within having seen this in my own past experience of / with ‘Love’ within my life.

In the next post we’re going to look at how this Consciousness Program we call ‘Love’, cannot in fact be called ‘Love’, in terms of the Common Sense meaning of the word Love, as it would be lived / applied in the context of Humanity / The Earth / Life. We’re going to look at the Real Meaning of Love.”
Here I suggest reading the following Self Forgiveness at Heaven’s Journey to Life, for a more detailed look at how we end up through of this feeling we call ‘love’, suppressing the truth of our fears.
Love and Fear Tug of War: Day 483

So let’s look again at this quote: “Not sure you can love “everyone.” It is something that you feel for a few, not the many. Consideration or regard for all seems appropriate though.” 
So, what’s actually coming through in these words is how the word Love has been defined through the Feeling based on the Opinion that ‘a few people’ are more worthy / of more value than ‘everyone else’.
Which is quite bizarre because this is a direct de-valuing of Life. I mean – Life is Equal in All — yet we have the Opinion that one, or a few people are in fact ‘more than life’. We’ve made one or a few people ‘more than the rest’ in our minds – through an Opinion. I mean it’s obviously an Opinion because – how can it be real when we’re in fact the Same in our very Essence as the Life Force / Source within us?

And what is the basis of this Opinion? Where did it come from? As we’ve walked in the previous post, and in reading the Heaven’s Journey to Life post – the basis of the Opinion that ‘one’ or ‘a few’ are of ‘more value’ than everyone else, is because we’ve established a Relationship with them built on a foundation of supporting each other to suppress / avoid the truth of ourselves as our Fear – our Fear of being alone, our Fear of this world, our Fear of harm. And, we’ve spent years designing and participating in specific personalities and behaviors with these people we ‘love’, that protect and ensure the survival of our experience of ‘having someone to love and having someone love me’. These behaviors and personalities have become our Self Definition – wherein we believe / experience that our relationships in terms of the words / behavior supporting the Opinion of each other as being ‘more than’ someone else, and that we ‘need each other’ at an ’emotional / mental level’ that thus substantiates the feeling of ‘love’ is ‘who we are’ — and thus our whole world / consideration revolves around ourselves and the protection / survival of our immediate relationships.

So, within this, we’re not actually Considering / Valuing those one or few people in our immediate world in the context of the Physical World, as part of Life, as Equal to ourselves through / as Life – we’re actually just interested in protecting / preserving the Mental relationship that’s been established with the person / people – to thus keep preserving / substantiating the feeling of Love that keeps us ‘safe from fear’.

And this even extends to the form of ‘Love’ as experienced within Spirituality where one would experience ‘A Feeling of Love for All’. The feeling in that case is generated through the relationship with whatever Idea or Belief about the Afterlife, or about Higher Dimensions, or about God, or about the Universe, or about the Higher Self, etc, etc — that supports the person to suppress / avoid the actual Fear of being here in this world and facing ourselves alone without any point of ‘something to make me feel better’. So it’s not actually a ‘love for all’ — it’s a love for the Feeling built upon the Opinion / Idea / Belief that supports the Suppression of Fear.

Fundamentally, Love exists as a a CONsciousness / Energy construct built on Opinions specifically designed to effectively suppress Fear / the Negative — which would also include emotions like Anger and Depression and Powerlessness and Frustration, etc – anywhere where we experience an Emotional Reaction toward the actual Reality of what exists in our lives / this world. And Love is thus actually a manifestation of Self Dishonesty – where we are denying / covering up / suppressing the truth of who and what we have accepted ourselves to be / exist as in relation to our own existence and this world we are in which is — Fear / Negative Reactions. And how do we know that the Negative is the Truth of ourselves that we’re not wanting to face? When the point of ‘love’ is taken away – when the Relationship is removed — our ‘stability’ is suddenly gone and we are faced with all these reactions / emotions resurfacing.

So within the point of ‘Love’ we’re actually trapped into this Survival Matrix where the Purpose of our very Physical Survival and the Physical Survival of the one / few in our world whom we ‘Love’, becomes that of ensuring the survival of the Energy we’ve defined ourselves in dependency on – which is that feeling of ‘Love’. Within this it would then seem / appear that we are protecting a ‘connection’ between ourselves and another person — yet the ‘connection of love’ is actually an illusion, as the ‘feeling of love itself’ is constructed in our own minds to / toward another – and the other is doing the same to / toward ourselves and there is an agreement to say / do the things that substantiate / validate that Mental Relationship which creates the illusion of the love coming from a ‘connection’ — where thus neither being is really Connecting with each other for Real in really Seeing / Recognizing each other as Life – but is only seeing the other through the Eyes of the Mind as the CONsciousness that has been constructed as a way to suppress / hide from Fear / Reality.

And thus why we have a world where at the same time that half the world’s population is in poverty, with hundreds of millions starving, wars raging daily, violence, child abuse, animal abuse, the destruction of nature – Hell on Earth — those who are protected from that reality through Money, are able to continue with their own lives / immediate relationships, completely unaffected by such atrocity, as there was never any real Consideration or Regard for other Physical Beings / Parts of Life — because from a very young age what happens? We become separated from our Equality as Life within and as the Physical Reality, through the CON of Consciousness where we believe that Energy is Life and Energy is Love and Energy is Value — ending up completely programmed by Consumerism within Acceptance of the World System / Money System of Inequality because — with our interest being that of Protecting our Survival as Energy / Love through Protecting our immediate Relationships to thus be able to Suppress Fear, we will only ever go so far in questioning / considering the abuses / problems in the world because – our Relationships require CONstant attention / participation / substantiation of the words / behaviors / personalities our Relationships are Built on so that we can keep Generating the feelings / experiences we’ve defined ourselves through and as.

Thus we end up not really caring where our money comes from or the Consequences of how the System functions, because as long as we can Protect our Relationships and thus Protect our Feelings of Love and Suppression of Fear = we are ‘Happy’.

So now in looking at ‘Love’ as it exists in this world within the Minds of Human Beings as a Consciousness Construct — can this really be called Love? I mean, what is the Common Sense meaning of Love?

How can Love ever really exist as anything less than a world in which Each Individual Values each other Equally as a part of Life and we live in such a way that Proves / Demonstrates this?

How can Love exist when we Accept and Allow Opinions to divide Humanity / the Earth into ‘more than’ / ‘less than’ based on someone / something’s role in enabling us to suppress fear? How can what we call ‘love’ be real when it is built on Fear and Suppression?

How can Consideration for what is Best for All and the real action required to make a Change in this world exist when our starting point of Protecting Love is a Bias that becomes a Fear of Loss that prevents us from taking actions / asking questions that might de-stabilize the Relationships we’ve defined ourselves according to?

And what does Consideration really mean? It means to take something into Account essentially. But I mean, to really Consider / Face what is here in and as this World, would imply we give up any Bias / Self Definition — in order to really take into Account every dimension of a point / issue / circumstance to be able to Find / See the point that is Best for All. That would be definition of the word Consideration that Supports Life. Whereas currently our Accounting of a point such as Poverty or Starvation for instance, always stops at the point where we would have to question / give up our Self Interest and Change the way we participate in our Relationships.

In the next post we’ll investigate solutions to these points.

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