Day 247: How Love got Lost in the Matrix – Part 3: Memories

Continuing from the previous posts:
Day 245: How Love got Lost in the Matrix – Part 1
“…we’ve spent years designing and participating in specific personalities and behaviors with these people we ‘love’, that protect and ensure the survival of our experience of ‘having someone to love and having someone love me’. These behaviors and personalities have become our Self Definition – wherein we believe / experience that our relationships in terms of the words / behavior supporting the Opinion of each other as being ‘more than’ someone else, and that we ‘need each other’ at an ’emotional / mental level’ that thus substantiates the feeling of ‘love’ is ‘who we are’ — and thus our whole world / consideration revolves around ourselves and the protection / survival of our immediate relationships. 

So, within this, we’re not actually Considering / Valuing those one or few people in our immediate world in the context of the Physical World, as part of Life, as Equal to ourselves through / as Life – we’re actually just interested in protecting / preserving the Mental relationship that’s been established with the person / people – to thus keep preserving / substantiating the feeling of Love…”

Now here we have a fascinating story about a woman who lost her memory, and we’re going to look at an excerpt before we continue:
Wife whose memory was erased in freak 1988 accident reveals the devastating impact it has had on her life and family
“When Su Meck was knocked unconscious by a falling ceiling fan at 22, her memory was completely erased and she woke up with the mental age of a four-year-old. 

…The concept of love and marriage was difficult to comprehend and, before she wrapped her head around that, she still had to re-learn how to read, write and even tie her shoelaces.
‘I wasn’t the person Jim married,’ Mrs Meck mused.
Indeed, in her new memoir she highlights just how different she was – using ‘she’ to refer to her former-self.”

So what this story is quite clearly demonstrating about Relationships of ‘Love’ – is that such relationships exist entirely within and as the Mind of the individual – where what we ‘experience’ toward the other person as ‘love’ and as ‘affection’ and as apparently ‘knowing the other person’ and seeing them as ‘special’ — is defined completely by the role the other person plays in their words and behavior to substantiate / validate our specific wants / needs / desires / fears that define our particular Personality.

The fact that the woman’s entire Relationship to her husband was ‘erased’ when she lost her memories and basically lost her entire previous Personality, shows how the Personality itself – as all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, memories, desires, wants, judgments, self definitions, knowledge — that which is the foundation of all our Relationships of ‘Love’ as that through which we ‘Relate’ to another — was never real. Never an actual Living Self. It was just a Program — because, it if was Real, if it was actually Substantial, actually Living, actually Life – then it could not be deleted / erased.

So what is Love as that which cannot be deleted / erased? How can we Substantiate ourselves / Live as that which cannot be deleted / erased?

To continue in the next post…

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