Day 250: Woman Eats Only CHOCOLATE for a YEAR To Raise Money for Charity

A Los Angeles woman has revealed that she ate only CHOCOLATE for a YEAR to raise money for a charity that donates food to the poor.

In similar news, Reuters reports a Mumbai, India man lived for THREE YEARS inside the belly of a live BLUE WHALE to raise $1,000,000 for a charity working to build homes for the homeless.

Okay actually I made both of those up. All kidding aside though, when you look at some of the stories out there about what people do to ‘raise money’ to try and solve some problem, such a story is not so far fetched.

Here is a recent one from the Mail Online:

Father-of-four braves four storey-high waves to row across the Atlantic to raise £100,000 for research into his son’s illness

  • James Prior, 49, rowed from Gran Canaria to Barbados in 32 days
  • Mr Prior, a client director at a consultancy firm, had never rowed before 
  • He was in an open-topped rowing boat and travelled unsupported
  • He has raised more than £100,000 for Crohn’s and Colitis UK
  • His son, Fergus, 10, has Crohn’s disease – a chronic digestive condition

A father has braved four storey-high waves and a force nine gale to row across the Atlantic Ocean in a bid to help find a cure for his son’s illness.
James Prior, 49, from Wandsworth, London, has raised more than £100,000 to pay for research into a cure for Crohn’s disease.
The father-of-four took on the gruelling trial because his son, Fergus, 10, has the crippling digestive condition.

This simply does not make any sense. Where is the connection between research into a cure for a disease, and rowing a boat across the Atlantic ocean? How is it that we can read such a thing and accept it and just say ‘oh that’s nice, a father who cares about his child doing something courageous and brave and honorable for a good cause’. I mean, let’s imagine the sequence of thoughts and decisions leading up to such an event:

My son has a painful digestive disease for which there is no cure.
There is not enough research being done on the disease.
Research costs money because you have to pay the researchers and the equipment and resources required for the research costs money.
Where can I get money to fund the research?
I can do a ‘challenge’ to raise money from other people.
I’ll row across the ocean.

Seriously is any of this necessary? I mean, we’re here, on this planet, together, with all the resources, skills, know-how, equipment, and people to work on such research projects. We have everything we need in order to carry out such a task. Common Sense would be the following: There is a dysfunction in the human body that requires research for a solution, therefore we will take responsibility to apply our skills and see if we can come to a solution, because that would be what is best for everyone. That would be care.

But it’s not that simple because in the current Economic System and definition of Human Nature we’ve accepted, we have the idea that everyone has to work and struggle to survive, and that there is a resource called Money that you need to have in order to access survival and living and time to do things like research, and Money is used a way to get people to do things for you because they need to survive so they’ll work for you and you’ll give them money, and their work will enable you to produce things to sell to people so you can make lots more money, and you like having all this money for a nice life for yourself and there’s thing thing called ‘raising money’ where people do bizarre stunts and challenges to get attention in order to show that they stand for a cause that is ‘good’, which is usually some problem that requires manpower, skills, equipment and resources to alleviate or solve, and the people with lots of money want to feel good about themselves and make other people perceive them as good people so they give money to the cause and voila! You have charity.

So all this bizarre ‘raising money’ stuff you read about – it only exists because we have all bought into the idea of an unequal money system with Haves and Have Nots, Rich and Poor, Entitled and Not Entitled, Worthy and Unworthy, instead of living according to Common Sense as simply taking Responsibility to do what is Best for All.

Therefore, to support the manifestation of ‘Raising Money’ and ‘Charity’ — is actually to support inequality, greed, selfishness, the opinion of ownership and entitlement, poverty, starvation, the destruction of the world in the name of Capitalism.
And at the end of the day, all these ‘challenges’ done in the name of ‘a good cause’, are just entertainment for all the consumers, something we like to see in the news because it makes us feel like there are ‘passionate and courageous people out there’. Come on — where is our Passion and Courage to stand up and stop accepting and allowing a world we all know is filled with complete and total bullshit and abuse? Where is our Passion and Courage to take on the Challenge of giving up our own petty and meaningless pursuits of Self Interest in order to bring about real change in this world?

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