Day 296: If we All Riot, will Everything be All Right?

An act of verbal or physical attack between a cop and a civilian played out in a moment of reaction of fear / anger / blame.

An act of verbal or physical attack between a Jew and an Arab played out in a moment of reaction of fear / anger / blame.
An act of verbal or physical attack between two partners in a relationship played out in a moment of reaction of fear / anger / blame.
An act of verbal or physical attack between a parent and a child played out in a moment of reaction of fear / anger / blame.
An act of verbal or physical attack between a teacher and a student played out in a moment of reaction of fear / anger / blame.
An act of verbal or physical attack between a Christian and an Atheist played out in a moment of reaction of fear / anger / blame.
An act of verbal or physical attack between an Arab and a Jew played out in a moment of reaction of fear / anger / blame.
An act of verbal or physical attack between a Vegetarian and a Meat eater played out in a moment of reaction of fear / anger / blame.
An act of verbal or physical attack between two men or two women at a party / a club / in a social situation played out in a moment of reaction of jealousy / feeling disrespected / anger / blame.

Can we ever have a world of Peace, where no one ever attacks each other, harms each other, goes to war with each other, if we accept that being taken over and possessed by reactions of emotion within yourself is a normal and natural part of being Human?

Clearly, in a world of billions of people – with different points of views, different opinions, different personalities, different self definitions, different belief systems, different ideas of right and wrong, different ideas of what is best, with each primarily interested in protecting and preserving their own life, beliefs, and desires, the real problem we’re facing in this world is not Racism, nor is it Religious discrimination or Gender discrimination.

We live in a world where conflict, where reaction, where attack and abuse and spitefulness and jealousy and resentment and hatred and neglect and manipulation and deception and lies and arguments and secrets and blame play out in all walks of Human life, in all cultures, at all income levels, in all Religious groups, in all Spiritual groups, in all Activist groups, in all Age groups, and at levels of Intellect and Education.

How do you define dysfunction? How do you define a problem?

We have billions of human being reacting to each other and playing out actions of judgment, of spite, of violence, of blame, of anger, all based on protecting and defending their views, their self definitions, their beliefs, their opinions – that which they have accepted to be ‘Who I Am’ and which defines their experience of self worth, self value, self validity, purpose, security, stability – that which defines ‘what is best for ME and MY OWN’ – I mean isn’t that dysfunctional? Isn’t that a problem?

Isn’t it a problem that someone will react and be outraged by racism, yet not outraged by poverty?
By starvation?
By wages so low they don’t support a person to have a dignified life free of stress?
By the world’s resources being used up by a system driven by Profit over Life?
By parents who scream at and physically hurt their children in acts of reactive emotional possession?
By people who get into fights and physically harm each other and even kill each other every single day over jealousy, over sports, or because they’re DRUNK?
Over the glorification of and obsession with, and desire to BE LIKE celebrities who flaunt and take pride in their wealth and elite status while people die because they cannot access money?

To really get a grip on why things like Racially motivated attacks, or Religious fanaticism motivated attacks happen and be able to eventually ‘evolve’ beyond such things we have to first come to terms with how the starting point of such behavior is the SAME starting point as any of the reactive behavior that plays out in our own lives, our own relationships every day in every walk of life within every race and culture. I mean anywhere where we take something personally and react within some form of “You’ve offended me”, or “You’ve insulted me”, or “You’re not doing what I WANT you to” — anything within us where we go into Blame, Spitefulness, Attack, Judgment toward another — we are all part of that problem. No one can Self Honestly say they can take the “Righteous position”. In fact, there is no such thing as Righteousness. Righteousness is not required in order to apply practical solutions in giving direction to problems. This is what we’re demonstrating as Destonians through the Journey to Life Blogs and Desteni I Process: we recognize there are many abuses in the world that need to be stopped. But we also recognize that taking to the streets and burning cars and breaking windows and HARMING others is not going to change Humanity. Such a starting point is precisely the PROBLEM.

Over forty years ago we had the Civil Rights movement in America where millions of people demanded equal rights for Black people. And – it worked. The laws changed. Yet – we still have conflict between races.

In South Africa, Apartheid ended back in the nineties. Blacks now occupy all major positions of political power and influence. Yet – there is still corruption, still poverty, still violence.

Now the issue is Gay marriage and ending discrimination toward one’s sexual orientation.

In all these cases, the Changes have been based on the point of giving certain groups of people Equal rights in terms of being able to access the same kinds of opportunities as other groups.

Yet – the problem is that we still each want the individual right to have our own opinions that some people are worth more than others, some are more important than others — for example, how we see those in our immediate relationships and families as ‘special’, and care when they are harmed – but do not have that same care and concern with people outside of our immediate lives and interests. Where’s the Equality in that? Isn’t that discrimination? Isn’t the underlying ‘Right’ that we’re all wanting, the Right to care about ourselves and our own lives more than the lives of others? Isn’t that the real source of conflict, of fear, of separation within Humanity?

No matter how equal our society becomes in terms of different Races, Genders, Sexual orientation, Religion having access to the same opportunities in the context of the Money system, at the end of the day we’re still faced with the Self Honest reality within Each of us of all the ways we exclude others from our consideration, from that which we take responsibility for – based on our Opinions and the way we define ourselves.

And how can we expect others to change and stop their reactions of violence and conflict toward others when we’re still faced with the reality of all the ways we ourselves exist in conflict with another in moments of Reaction? Such points show us where we don’t yet really KNOW ourselves. There are programs of opinion, of knowledge, of ideas, of expectations, of definitions functioning within our minds that we’re not aware of and which control the way we respond to our world. We’re not yet the Directive Principle of ourselves in all ways. We’re in fact Mind Controlled by our own programming. Why else would we get literally possessed in moments by thoughts, by emotions, by reactions toward each other, and do things that we later regret, or lash out because we don’t see an actual solution to a problem and so don’t see how to DIRECT ourselves within stability?

We’re showing through the Desteni I Process and Journey to Life blogs that it’s possible to understand where thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions come from — and it’s possible to change yourself and get to a practical solution for every problem. We’re also showing that no one is born a racist. No one is born with any kind of self definition or ‘pride’ or discrimination towards anyone based on their Race, or religion, or style, or nationality, or diet, or body type. No one is even born seeing their own family as being more ‘special’ and deserving of love, than any other Human being – or animal for that matter. Such definitions are all PROGRAMMED in after birth.

We need to remove the programs that separate us from each other and cause conflict and give up the ‘right’ to see our own life as more important than another’s.

We don’t need Tolerance, because Tolerance only means that we have a system in place where we allow each other to have opinions that separate ourselves from each other, and value systems that see some as more and some as less — so that we can have OUR opinions and feel protected. It’s just self interest and the perpetuation of Separation – not a solution to end conflict FOR GOOD.

As Destonians we’re interested in how to end conflict, harm, abuse, separation — for GOOD. ONCE AND FOR ALL. Where – such things will NEVER happen — EVER.
Impossible you say? We say that’s just an excuse.

Each of us walking the Journey to Life blogs have by now provided enough examples of how we’re changing ourselves – to show that it is in fact possible to end abuse and separation within Humanity — for GOOD. It’s not easy. No one said changing the world would be easy. It can’t be easy with what the world exists as and what each of our Minds exist as. There is no quick fix. But it can be done. Human Nature can be changed. Don’t take my word for it – read the blogs!

I am a Destonian because I will accept nothing less than the end of all abuse, all separation, forever, in all ways. Sound radical? It is. But an radically messed up world calls for a radical act of CHANGE. And if I react to others in my own mind, and have judgments, and opinions and self definitions that I am holding onto that cause me to become defensive, argumentative, spiteful, angry toward another — whoah — I need to sort that shit out so I can show others how to do the same. And THAT’S how I can make a difference.

We don’t need to All Riot — we need to All WRITE. All right?

Join us.

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