Day 324: What does Donald Trump Represent to You?

This is a blog in response to the recent placement of statues of Donald Trump in US cities.

What is ridicule?

Wouldn’t you say ridicule is a form of manipulation / bulling, where the starting point is that of trying to making another feel inferior and invalidated?

Everyone loves to ridicule politicians – I mean it’s so easy right? And the ones that really offend us with their wealth, and their opinions, and their value systems, if we can just ridicule them enough, maybe they will disappear from view and then — then —– then what? A solution magically appears?

How does creating naked statues of Donald Trump solve any of the issues that Trump represents?

Isn’t creating a naked statue of someone in an attempt to ridicule / invalidate them, simply bullying based on judging someone’s physical appearance? Isn’t that something we’re wanting to stop in the world?

I’m sure many would say – well it’s justified because ‘he’s such a bad man because he represents hate and judgment of others’.

So, how does hate and judgment of another, solve the issue of hate and judgment of others?

Doesn’t anger / judgment / blame indicate the lack of an actual understanding, causing the experience of disempowerment, thus leading to reactive actions that seek to manipulate another into feeling disempowered so the tables get turned and we feel like we empowered ourselves?

I mean hey, if we want to change the political system, then we’re going to have to work together to understand the system – and then participate in it in practical ways that will produce outcomes that support a good life for everyone. How else do you change something but through understanding the problems, developing practical solutions, and then applying those solutions?

And I mean, even if Bernie Sanders was president – guess what? All the issues / opinions / values / personalities / belief systems / behaviors / judgments that Trump represents to people – would STILL exist in this country, and throughout the world. The country’s and the world’s problems don’t go away simply because someone we like gets elected into leadership.

Every day, every moment we participate in our thoughts, our reactions, our feelings and emotions, our decisions and behaviors, we are casting a Vote for what those thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors represent on the scale of Humanity / the World as a whole. We’re all actually the leaders of this world.

So, are we going to vote for blame? Judgment? Hate? Reactive decision making?

What is YOUR election platform?

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