Day 342: Giving Self The Thrill of Living

Do you find that there is a particular Energy / Mind addiction or habit that you struggle to give up / let go of? Would you say that the reason you like your addiction so much, is because it adds a ‘Thrill’ to your otherwise ‘boring life’?

Recently I had been investigating the question of ‘Why Am I’? Within the point of being tempted to go back into old habits to stimulate myself / occupy myself with energy experiences in the mind, which had been coming up with not currently being in a partnership / relationship and so having a lot of ‘alone time’ with myself.

One of the words that I found within asking myself what is it that I am wanting / enjoying actually within this energy? And the word ‘Thrill’ / ‘Thrilling’ emerged. This was cool because it opened up the realization that I can now explore giving myself this word – living the word ‘Thrill’ as a self expression in my daily life / process.

So I looked at where / how am I not living fully in each moment? In what ways am I holding myself back and settling for a ‘lesser’ version of myself – and in that, creating a sense of something being ‘missing’? A sense of ‘boredom’ in moments? In what ways can I push my limits within my daily available time, to FULL-FILL myself through Self Expression?

There is a Thrillingness – a pleasure, a Self-Excitement that comes with living each day like a mini-life; pushing to become more effective, learn new things, Move Self to write, to share, to investigate, to develop solutions, to decide to work more on Self-Creative projects instead of moping / numbing / thinking about the past / thinking about other people / wasting time – being Idle.

So, for me, changing my definition of the word Thrill to something that supports my Utmost Potential and assists with stopping mind-habits would be:

The Excitement and Pleasure of Self that comes with pushing myself to live on the cutting edge of Self Expression. I push through fears, resistances, comfort zones to find the point of my Utmost Expressive Potential in Every Moment of Breath.

I’ve already been practicing living this word, and I’ve found that since It’s now clearly defined within me, it’s much easier to move myself to creative, self expressive actions in moments rather than seeking out mental stimulation. That’s the key with living words that I’ve been experiencing: when defined effectively, and specific to my individual points of change that I’m facing, I give myself the structure to immediately stand up within a pattern / a reaction, and align myself to the supportive word that fits the moment.

More words to come…

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2 thoughts

  1. Definitely interesting questions to ask oneself. I have found that it is a challenge to keep on pushing and expanding in the daily drudgery of the system – where routines have been created and established as a consequence of the monetary system we all live within. To live thrill requires an effort, it does not happen by itself – we have to actively move ourselves to expand. And it is fascinating, because the normal way of viewing thrill is to see it as a stimulation, something that happens to us and that becomes part of our life without any effort on our part. That is as far away from the truth as we are able to get.

    The times I have really experienced thrill in my life has also been the times when I have been the most challenged, and the times when I had to push myself and learn to handle the situation that I was in.

    Do you have any practical suggestions on how to not become complacent and continuously keep on pushing this point of expansion?


  2. Hi Viktor,

    For me I'd say what's been cool exploring is becoming more aware of even small habitual behaviors where I in some way justify limitation within how I'm using my time, and for instance see if there's something radically different I can do in that moment – a point of self expression / self creation that perhaps I hadn't considered, or that I've been postponing. Like, how can I shake up my routine and push to live on the 'cutting edge' of the moment – like, how can I be innovative in this moment with how I'm living self expression, or like an interesting thing that happened yesterday was that I found myself in an experience of restlessness, and when I wrote about it I found that what I was resisting in that moment was the fact that the relevant point to live was simply some 'ordinary' stuff that needed to get done. Like, in that exploring how I can bring self expression to the simple, ordinary stuff. So for me it's also been a point of letting go of 'wanting' something, and embracing the pace and opportunities that are here in fact – even if sometimes there's literally nothing but 'ordinary and mundane' things to do. Like, not making 'thrills' into a 'more than and less than' point, or an 'experience', but exploring what it means to live in the leading edge of self expression, the leading edge of the moment, from the seemingly insignificant moments, to the more 'big' moments as well.

    Though I'm sure such an application with the word Thrill will vary according to our different lives and circumstances and relationships but, those are some recent examples from my life.


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