Day 354: Living Decisions Fully while Immersed in the Current Moment

Something I’ve been enjoying recently in my day to day life is the application of really LIVING even small, ordinary decisions. A few days ago I was in my car, driving to the beach for a swim, and I became aware of how even as I was here in my car, driving, on the road, having made the decision to go for a swim – there was a quite subtle undercurrent of energy, of stress — like an ever so slight feeling of ‘unrest’. I noticed that this was connected to me actually holding onto this projection of wanting to figure out / know / experience that ‘what I’m doing now’ is the ‘right choice’ in the context of the principle of living my utmost potential in a day. So, like in a way looking at what I’m doing from ‘outside of myself’ – as if I’m standing ‘above my day’ looking down at all these choices I’m making, and attempting to ‘fit them together’ to see if they are all ‘best’ — within this actually seeking / wanting some kind of ‘experience’ of confirmation that ‘okay, I can relax because I am making all the right choices and decisions’.

So within becoming aware of this point within me, I immediately realized that it is completely unnecessary because I mean – I’m here, already physically living / acting out my decision to go to the beach. The problem is that I’m not as MYSELF, as WHO I AM – equally Living the physical reality of my decision, where – in my mind I’m busy living a different decision in an alternate reality where I’m projecting into ‘the rest of my day’ within wanting to already figure ‘what’s all the best decision’. So, the solution and point of change that opened up in the moment is to – simply give up that alternate reality — to give up the belief that I need to ‘know what all the right decisions are for the day’ — and to allow myself to fully live and embrace and accept the decision that I’m in fact already Physically living which is – driving to the beach to go for a swim. Where within this I am deciding that what is Relevant of my consideration, my attention, my awareness, my beingness — is me here driving to the beach for a swim. And within this, I simply will Trust myself that – when this moment, this decision is Finished – meaning, when I am done swimming and have returned home — I will simply carry on with continuing to move myself into the next decision – to live the next decision.

The way my experience changed with aligning myself to this new starting point, is that my experience of the physical moment became enhanced – the feeling of driving, what I’m seeing outside the windows, the temperature of the air, my body’s anticipation of the pleasure and feel of the water I’m about to swim in. Basically – the slight undercurrent of stress went away because – I stopped creating / participating in the alternate reality within which that stress exists – through generating friction within myself toward the actual physical, here moment. So I’m in essence aligning my being, my awareness, my attention, my expression, my experience – to the Current Moment, rather than separating myself into an undercurrent as explained above.

This opens up way more opportunities for self enjoyment and the enjoyment of the experience of what’s actually happening in the moment as I fully participate – without the subtle nagging experience created by THINKING about other moments and potential decisions that I might make in those future potential moments that – are not relevant, not HERE, and not REAL. I’ll get to the next moment when I get there!

And at the end of the day, the most relevant decisions – the ones which I can evaluate as to their value, or benefit, or consequence, or priority – are the ones that I physically lived out in the physical, Current moments of my day – not all of the myriad of projected potential decisions in the mind’s reality. I mean, I can’t remember all the ‘potential decisions’ that may have popped into my mind throughout the day – but I can remember the ones that I physically lived / played out. So, if I’m going to make a decision about what I’m doing during the day – I’m going to embrace and live that decision fully, in the Current Moment of Reality so I can then FULLY see and evaluate if it was a valid decision, and be able to adjust, adapt, prioritize, and change myself according to my Self Honesty. And in this way I find I am more easily able to Stay Current with my Self Honesty. So, stop undermining yourself by accepting and allowing undercurrents of thinking and projecting!

I Breathe and immerse myself in the Current of the Moment, embracing every dimension of the Decisions I live throughout the day – because when I really GET IN to my decisions then I can really SEE myself more clearly and if I am CLEAR in my decision and I am HERE living my decision then I open up a more expansive Self Expression!

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