Hacking The Anger Struggle part 1

anger struggleAre you short tempered? Do you periodically experience unexpected explosive outbursts of rage either with someone or by yourself, where the energy of the experience is so strong that you feel you are unable to stop yourself from reaching out and hitting something, throwing something, kicking something, or screaming absurdly at the top of your lungs?

Do you feel like shit afterwards? Do you regret it but at the same time find that you can’t seem to see any other way to have responded to the situation? Do you in a sick way feel that you can’t possibly be in that kind of situation without getting angry?

This is a pattern that I struggled with for a long time and only in the recent couple of years did I manage to get to grips with the design of HOW I am actually creating this kind of experience, and start to be able to support myself effectively with the process of change and solutions.

In the next post I’ll begin opening up my experience with this pattern so stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading.

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