How to Assist and Support yourself to not HATE Donald Trump, yet still create Change.

hatecrossoutI’d like to share some suggestions on how you can assist and support yourself to sort out your relationship to Trump so that you can stop experiencing and fueling hatred and petty reactive behavior, and get more practical. At Desteni we use and apply the words ‘Assist and Support‘ – as in, how can I Assist and Support myself? When you are Assisting yourself, you are Helping yourself out of your experience of Helplessness. And then you can Support yourself to find and apply practical solutions, in order to Empower yourself out of your experience of Powerlessness, when faced with a problem that you are reacting to.

Step one: Sit down at your computer / notebook and start writing!

Ask yourself:

What is it that I am actually reacting to?

What does Trump represent to me?

What problems with Society, with Humanity, with Human Nature, with how Decisions are Made, does Trump represent to me?

What are the principles, rules, and statements that our society and money system are based upon, which we have Accepted and Allowed, which have enabled a person such as Trump to become President?

Also, Trump is a very Opinionated, arrogant person – fighting for what ‘he believes in’, and what ‘he sees as right’, and not liking to admit he’s wrong. So in what ways do we ourselves accept and allow opinions and beliefs to be the starting point of our decisions, our interests, our goals, the way we treat other people, the words that come out of our mouths?

In what ways do we ourselves react and become defensive, or arrogant, or ego driven in not wanting to admit or consider we ourselves may be wrong / not fully understand something / not be as effective as we’d like to think?

In what ways do we ourselves / I myself accept and allow myself to speak in arrogance, in anger, in defensiveness, in attack, in opinion?

In what ways do I place my own self interests above what is best for everyone?

In what ways do I define myself according to what I believe to be Right and Best, instead of being open to considering other perspectives?

In what ways do I judge and ridicule people I don’t agree with?

Because – aren’t those some of the very things people blame Trump for doing in his position of leadership? How can we blame, when we are the same?

Even if Trump was thrown out of office – would that change how we together as Humanity exist within the collective accepted and allowed starting point of seeing it as ‘normal’, and ‘okay’, and ‘just human nature’ for opinions, beliefs, and reactions to be the basis of our words and behavior? Nope. Therefore, the real problem is not Trump – but is ourselves at an individual level. The more we take responsibility and change at an individual level, in the context of our day to day lives – the more we are then able to Assist and Support other people, and become Leaders in bringing about practical change. Each of us on Social Media and the Internet, together with the people we interact with on a daily basis physically, possesses the potential to be a Powerful force of change and Influence. Let’s not waste that opportunity. We don’t need a perfect leader in the white house in order to change society’s policies. Each of us has our own White House – let’s use it, not abuse it.

These are some practical questions one can ask one’s self in Writing, to start taking Self Responsibility to get to know and understand some of the problems that need solutions and change. To really develop your skill with assisting and supporting yourself through writing, check out the free Desteni online course:

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