Don’t Hate Trump – Trump Hate


In my previous post I wrote about how it’s not necessary to hate someone – in this case Donald Trump, in order to support and create change in relation to the issues / problems that a person (such as Trump) can represent.

I’ve found that I don’t need to ‘hate’ something – in order to not support / not tolerate / not accept something that is in its nature, unacceptable because it exists as some form of abuse / harm, etc.

The problem with Hate – in relation to hating someone who represents a particular problem or abuse in society, is that it arises when we have defined ourselves through a point of superiority / righteousness – and judge / define that ‘problem person’ as being the ’cause’ of the problem. We haven’t yet recognized or become aware of HOW that person perhaps became who and how they are, and the actual underlying principle / creation point of the problem – not just in that ONE person, but throughout Humanity.

Because at the end of the day, changing our nature isn’t about punishing or removing any ONE person – it’s about Identifying and removing / changing the underlying principle that that person stands within / functions within / creates themselves within. Donald Trump for example, is not the SOURCE of the principle of pettiness or arrogance for example. When we all in some way participate in pettiness and arrogance – we are all part of the problem. New principles must be introduced / shared throughout society / the world, so that gradually over time, people will learn about and begin to reflect on who they are, how they live, and be able to consider new principles on the basis of those principles being fundamentally beneficial and supportive to that individual. Yes it is also important to enact policy changes to change laws and rules to better support social equity — but changing policies and rules through for example a particular presidential administration, will not change Human Nature. Human’s have to change themselves. And the only way that a Human will change, is through Self Realization – Realizing the error of participating in a particular principle, and being able to decide to apply and live a new principle. But principles have to be specific – they can’t be open to interpretation through a person’s opinions and self interest – because then they will end up being abused and warped – just like the statement ‘follow your heart’, or ‘do what makes you happy’, or ‘love is all’. These are nice sounding words, but they do not contain any actual principles / tools.

At Desteni for the past 10 years we’ve been applying the Principles of Self Honesty, Self Writing, Self Forgiveness, Self Corrective statements — along with practical courses and materials to facilitate a process of learning how to apply these tools in day to day life. Through such self application, individuals have been able to learn and realize things about themselves, and share their experiences of change, which in turn supports others who can RELATE to that person’s experience. Sharing a process of change, so that others can hear is and relate to it / reflect on their own life as a result of it – does not involve judgment, labeling, pointing fingers, or hating anyone. It’s a process of disseminating education through sharing specific personal experiences. It’s a communication and self expression – rather than a preaching, or a debating, or an argument. This is what we need in order to bring about true change in Human Nature. And yes, it will take time. But better to be patient and put in the real work so that we can be effective, rather than jump into fighting, hate, and conflict. Ultimately even when the majority of public policy / government is aligned to more equitable / compassionate laws – that still is just a form of control, with no guarantee that hate, racism, bigotry, discrimination will just ‘disappear’ from Humanity. WE are the administration, the individuals living our normal day to day lives, that must bring about lasting change in Human Nature. We must Trump Hate – not Hate Trump. It will take generations – and we must become effective enough so that we do not end up passing on the same destructive principles to our children.

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