Lots of things PISS ME OFF but I don’t Hate them.


In my previous couple of posts I talked about how I do not see it as necessary to ‘hate’ Donald Trump in order to stand for and support change.

But I also want to make it clear that – not hating something doesn’t mean that I have to tolerate, accept, or have ‘nice feelings’ about it. I mean there are many, many, many, many things about this world, about humanity, about the way this reality exists, that frankly FUCKING PISS ME OFF. They piss me off because they are so far from how we could potentially exist, they piss me off because I would not prefer to have an existence that involves pain, struggle, conflict, abuse, impractical bullshit, and delusional belief systems. It PISSES ME OFF that we so easily accept stories and explanations to things simply because they make us feel good, because we like the way it sounds, because it makes us feel right / superior / enlightened / smart, etc. It PISSES ME OFF how easily we we tend toward defining ourselves according to our points of view, and so easily go into conflict, fighting, arguing, and playing blame games.

It PISSES ME OFF how easy it is to get caught up in comfort zones rather than pushing for our absolute best effort. It PISSES me off how challenging the process of self reflection, self honesty, self forgiveness and change really is. It PISSES ME OFF how – if no one had shown me the tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, and the principle of considering what’s best for all life – I most likely would not have realized those tools and principles myself, and would have rather stayed locked into a self interested fantasy world of spirituality and new age delusions.

It PISSES me off that we, as beings, in this existence, since before this current context / reality of ‘life on Earth’ have had the capacity, the ability, the tendency to become so absolutely, utterly negligent in our nature, that it was possible to create such a limited society / civilization filled with such incomprehensible levels of suffering, pain, and bullshit. It is in fact for me a daily effort to even GIVE A SHIT about seeing this process of change through to completion, simply because of how disgustingly interminable it really is. And yet I don’t hate anyone in this world. Because within it all / underlying it all – I still recognize that at our core, our essence, in our very physical substance – we are the same, we are Equal as Life. And therefore – everyone is actually ME in a way. And what’s the point of hating myself? In spite of the fucked up nature of Human Beings, I still would rather understand how someone got how they are, rather than ‘hate them’. Understanding is empowerment. Hate is futility. So I hope my words illustrate how it’s possible to not HATE — yet still be PISSED THE FUCK OFF, lol. The key is to channel that anger into a drive to find and create solutions. The more I investigate and come to understand the creation points / processes of problems, and face and work on changing all the ways I myself contribute to those very problems, and through that find real solutions I can apply in my daily living – the more I open up ways of expressing and communicating those solutions from personal experience – and so that rage, that PISSED-OFFNESS — becomes something useful to this world, rather than turning into spite, resentment, and hate.

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