Self Forgiveness on the Social connection blues

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to get discouraged and frustrated after time spent in methods / activities / attempts to form connections and meet people don’t give me the results I wanted

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold onto an idealized vision / idea of my life in which I have and am experiencing the types of relationships I want, and to hope that this idea will ‘come true’ and ‘happen’ within a certain time frame, and to then compare my life as it is / relationships as they are with this idealized vision, and make myself feel lonely, bored, and stifled by my life because it doesn’t measure up to my idealized vision, especially after putting in time and effort to create connections which don’t pan out

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit and stifle my own self expression and self enjoyment within my creative projects by obsessing over / fixating on my lack of / absence of opportunities / ways to fulfill expressions that I want to experience which require other people – where, I tell myself that I am not able to live my utmost potential, and that I don’t want to, unless those unfulfilled expressions and needs are fulfilled, in this way throwing an existential tantrum where I blame life / things for being so hard to create, filling myself with resentment which saps my expression – which I then further blame on ‘life and the way things are’, instead of being self honest, admitting that I am creating my own victimization experience, and deciding to explore looking at the issue from a different perspective and ask myself what new angles I can approach it from, assisting and supporting myself to keep creating and expressing rather than hating and suppressing

I commit myself to use my disappointment / discouragement / frustration with life and the way things are, as fuel for self expression – to look at the emotional pattern and what it represents in humanity, and deconstruct that to find the point of insight / change / self honesty, so that I can then share that insight with others, who may be going through the same thing and can thus relate to my experience and benefit from it

I commit myself to remind myself that there is always a new way to approach something, a new way of looking at something, new ways to seek support with something, and always the opportunity to step outside of my normal routines and try new things

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