Freedom Dividend as an Expression of Family Values

Andrew Yang’s platform of the Freedom Dividend of $1000 / month for every American is an expression of Family Values. After all, you and I are children of the Money System. The system, with all its services, businesses, institutions and infrastructure, is the Home we are born into.

The fact that we all need money to access the the system / our Home, yet are not all unconditionally given money as a birthright – shows that we are not valued equally as children. This is the same as parents not unconditionally giving their children access to food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, free time, support, etc. We would call that neglect.

Some might argue that children don’t have the ability to provide for themselves and thus it makes sense to give them what they need. Well what happens to those same children when they grow up and come to suffer from insufficient education, self esteem, and a lack of proper jobs? What happens when they can’t afford proper housing, clothing, nutrition, medical care, transportation, and are consumed with the struggle to make ends meet, with little to no work / life balance and the sense that they are completely on their own? Wouldn’t you say those children are unable to properly provide for themselves? Some might argue still that – they’re just not trying hard enough, not disciplined enough, or any other number of justifications for their hardship. One might also argue that a wealthy family bringing a child into the world should raise them to age 10 or 12 and then kick them out to ‘make it’ for themselves because – hey, if they wanted it enough, they could find a way, right? The point is – why create unnecessary hardship? We don’t do it to our children, why would we allow it to happen to adult people?

$1000 / month not only gives people the means to make necessary changes in their lives in terms of work, education, and health, but very importantly also lets them know that they are valued, respected, and cared for as members of the greater family they share their world with / the system with.

With Universal Basic Income / a Freedom Dividend, we can evolve Capitalism into a responsible and caring parental system.

I don’t have all the details of how it works – but you can find them here:

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