The problem with Political Opinion

I’ve observed that we Humans have a tendency to speak and act upon a foundation of opinion rather than understanding when it comes to supporting solutions to certain social problems. It starts with when we recognize a problem, and then quickly latch onto only one, or a few dimensions of the issue — those dimensions we can relate to and comprehend and grasp a solution to, and form the opinion that – THIS IS THE RIGHT THING. We become fixated on our opinion of what is right, even though if we were to be honest with ourselves – we don’t yet fully see and grasp HOW the problem is really being created in all of its dimensions, and allllll of the factors that play a role in the perpetuation of the problem and thus – don’t yet fully understand the solution on a large scale. We have more Interpretation of the issue rather than Perspective.

Why do we so easily do this?

When we recognize a big, extensive problem in the world and we feel powerless, victimized, frustrated by it, we tend to enter a negative emotional point – a LOW. Subsequently, our pursuit of solutions tends to be influenced by a drive to FEEL EMPOWERED, and change the world to ‘the way I want it to be’ — a drive to move from the Negative to the Positive.

Now, it may be that the way we want the world to be is in fact – a vision that benefits everyone. However this can become a point of self interest when we define WHO WE ARE according to this vision and hope; when it becomes a self definition. Because when we define ourselves through an external point like a POTENTIAL outcome, or an imagined scenario, or a hope or a desire or belief or opinion, we are setting ourselves up to Judge and Blame anyone that disagrees with our Opinion of what is right, because we have to constantly validate our self definition. By judging THAT person to be the problem, we can continually validate ourselves as the SOLUTION.

This is why political debates become so emotionally heated and often spiteful – on BOTH sides; because each side has defined themselves within their point of view and thus NEITHER side is able to effectively consider the total picture of how everything fits together. It becomes a WAR of opinions – which is a war of self definitions, which is a war of apparent ‘self empowerment’. This is why we have groups like ANTIFA. They are reacting to problems of human nature they don’t actually understand and thus don’t actually have any solution for, but are so defined within their moral stance that they resort to physical attacks which basically amounts to throwing a tantrum because you feel victimized and powerless.

Just because we recognize a problem and support a change, doesn’t mean that OUR idea of how and when that change is going to happen is what is in fact best, or possible, or practical – at the moment. It may be that Humanity as a whole, or as a populace needs to let certain things play out until people are ready to be receptive to certain changes – for example. But when we’re caught up in our opinions we miss out on such considerations. We’re focusing too much on what I WANT, and on our OPINIONS of why other people are the way they are – rather than spending time developing a deeper understanding of how things work…starting with ourselves.

We have to learn to stop, take a step back, and ask ourselves if there are dimensions to the issue that we need to study more. Or maybe the priority is that we need to work on our own issues first, resolving whatever feelings of powerlessness and victimization we might be experiencing, so that we can approach the problem again without immediately jumping to opinions, hopes and desires about outcomes that — may not happen the way we want them to.

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