How Matter Free Man

Matter – what is matter?

There are matters – events and experiences which play out physically in this reality – in matter – and these events and experiences played out physically have their origins in the accepted reality that exists within each one’s mind. We are in a physical form of matter – and with our physical hands we set matter in motion, through participating with others who exist within the same physical matter – creating events and experiences forming the collectively experienced ‘world reality’ – according to who we are within our minds.

So, common sense – at the moment, the nature and experience of this physical reality of matter is determined by who we are within our non physical minds. And common sense when you look at it — there is only one physical matter – one physical reality – which Human beings, Nature and the Animal kingdom all exist within equally – there is no one and nothing in this reality that exists within it’s own separate physicality.
And yet – in our minds, there exist multiple alternate realities – many within each human being. Each person has a different reality consisting of pictures within their mind – and each person sees themselves within the context of this pictured reality within their minds. Strange – when you look at it – that human beings do not see themselves within the context of the physical reality of matter. What would it imply to recognize that each of us in actuality exist here within the context of one collective physical reality of matter? It would imply that there exists no ‘personal’ reality – that all personal realities exist only in the mind as interpretations of what is ACTUALLY here as the physical.
And common sense is that all such interpretations of reality are not real – why? Because to create an interpretation of reality, requires constructs of beliefs and opinions and judgments to be in place within one’s mind – through which one then interprets the ‘meaning, implications, purpose, and origins’ of all events and experiences which take place in physical matter. This implies that who we are as human beings, exists within our minds through a system of perceptions – who we are is contained within a bubble of interpretations existing within our minds – and that the way we live and participate in this physical reality is determined according to the context we have placed ourselves in within an alternate pictured mind reality formed according to beliefs, opinions, judgments and definitions. And common sense is that we have learned to function in this way, through being brought into a world where we were gradually programmed by others – with information from those who already were here in this world – information consisting of name, family, nationality, heritage, social class, religion etc, and we define and place ourselves according to this information within the context of our immediate environment – among others who exist in our environment. This information forms the beginnings of ‘who we are’.
We begin with this programming, and as we move through various experiences throughout our formative years in school, jobs, social situations, etc – we discover that we have for instance, certain capabilities and preferences which we then cultivate further through participating in available mediums of information and experiences. In this we further define who we are, further develop our ‘personality’ – through which we begin forming more beliefs, opinions, definitions which we use to interpret what others do, and what goes on in the world – and through which we ‘evolve’ our interpretation of the world as a whole, which we have placed ourselves in within our minds. Also within our personal programming, we form personal definitions of what has value and what does not, according to those experiences, beliefs, opinions, judgments, definitions that either support us in allowing us to continue to exist as ‘who we are’ in our minds, or do not.
Of course, this process differs according to the circumstances of one’s birth and the availability of sources of experiences and information with which to develop who one is.
So within this, in seeing that there are billions of human beings existing in this world, it is seen that there exist billions of alternate realities, billions of definitions of what is valuable and what is not – all existing as interpretations of the matters as events and experiences which are taking place in physical matter, being created through our physical participation.
Also within this, it is important to see that what we consider within how we participate physically in this collective reality of matter – is always that which serves and supports our continued existence as who we are within our minds – who we are within the context of the pictured alternate reality in our minds which exists as an interpretation of what is actually HERE as the matters that take place in this physical reality.
This is self interest. What is the consequence of us existing this way? Multitudes of conflicting interests – creating conflict, disagreement, abuse and billions of definitions of what is right and wrong, what is moral and immoral, what is real and what is unreal, what has value and what does not – which exist in our minds according to our desires / fears / opinions / beliefs / judgments / definitions of ourselves, others and the world around us – as that which either supports who we are or does not. Each of us is seeking the experiences we want to have which make us ‘who we are’ – and we do anything to insure that we are able to create the experiences that define us, that we need, that make us ‘who we are’ – Because we fear to stop existing as ‘who we are and who we have always experienced and believed ourselves to be’. We believe that ‘who we are’ exists only as that which we experience ourselves to be as thoughts / beliefs / opinions / experiences in our minds.

But within all this, common sense is that we have missed one point: regardless of who we are in our minds – we still all exist here in physicality. In this, we are the same. In this, we are equal. In this, we are one.
It is physicality which brings forth life – therefore, the source of physicality is life. And if we removed ‘who we are’ as that which we have programmed ourselves to exist as in our minds since our birth – we would still be here.
Therefore, within this, it is seen that reality has never been considered – physicality has never been considered – and in this, Life has never been considered.
Why do such horrible atrocities exist in this world? Common sense, they exist as our physical participation – which is determined by who we are within our minds. Who we are within our minds, exists in our ‘own reality’. Therefore, those that abuse physically are able to justify what they do within their personal ideas of right and wrong, and what has value and what does not – according to what serves and supports their continued existence as who they are in their minds – which has its origin in their particular circumstances of birth and upbringing – within which they were programmed.
And those who see that abuse and atrocity exists in this world – and yet are able to continue living as if everything is ‘normal’ and ‘okay’ — are also justifying and supporting abuse and atrocity through their only serving and supporting self interest – doing what it takes to preserve the experiences that define and make them ‘who they are’. In this, permission is given for those who abuse and create atrocities, through accepting it as ‘normal’ to exist within self interest and do what it takes to preserve ‘who they are’ within self interest.

The point within all this – is that no one is standing up for Life – as that which is equal and one in all things here within our collective physical reality – in seeing that Life is being abused and that Life is suffering at the hands of both those who are committing acts of physical abuse, and those who give permission for such acts to exist through their own participation within self interest and self preservation of ‘who they are’ within their minds in their own personal reality.
No one is equal with what is here physically – No one is equal with Life – thus, no one cares about Life. No one considers the consequences of self interest being the creation of a world in which all serve their own values of self preservation – a world in which it is impossible to stop the existence of poverty, starvation, war, violence, sexual abuse, animal abuse, abuse of nature – because no one has been willing to give up anything of themselves – anything that makes them ‘who they are’ in their minds.
If they did, they would realize that who they really are does not exist as a personality of mind within an interpretation of reality – They would realize that who they really are is HERE as this physical reality – who they really are is Life – and that since everything and everyone is here in the same physicality, then all are of the same Life – all exist in essence AS the same Life – therefore you would see that all other human beings, along with all animals and nature – are actually YOU.
And in realizing that all that exists is actually YOU – what would you be forced to see? That all suffering, all abuse that exists in this world – exists in YOU. It is YOU abusing YOU. You would see that freedom does not exist in this world. And – most importantly – you would see that it is YOU that is coming back to this world – you would see that it is YOU that over generations of time have created this world to be what it is, and that it is YOU being birthed into this world.
‘Your life’ as a sequence of experiences existing between birth and death – would become completely irrelevant – from the perspective of ‘living the life that you want’ within self interest while not considering the experience of anything or anyone that does not fall under your definition of what and who has value and what and who does not.
The only consideration that would exist is – what is the best for all Life? Because in that you would be considering what is the best for YOU.
Common sense is that if all that exists is YOU – then you should be aware of and AS everything that is HERE.
And common sense again is that if you are not aware of everything here as yourself – that means you have separated yourself from what is here. You are existing within a bubble of self created limitation.
Therefore, you would have to find all points where you have separated yourself from what is here – and realize exactly how you programmed yourself to exist separate from that point. For instance, another human being, or an animal, or a tree or a rock — you would have to find how and where you abdicated your awareness of you AS that human being, that animal, that tree, that rock – to exist in perceived separation of it. You would need to identify, what does my separation from this thing – allow me to do? Within my perceived separation from another, what am I able to justify within myself – regarding how I am physically participating within this world, and what I am accepting in this world and within myself? And within seeing that all that is here is yourself – you would then stand up for YOU – what is best for YOU as all Life – and you would stop yourself from existing in any form of separation and self interest. All that is required is self honesty – the ability to see within yourself what ‘who you are’ is actually supporting – where your physical participation in this world is actually coming from.
In this obviously, all forms of ‘living’ based within self interest, based within the generating and preserving of experiences that support and define ‘who you are’ within your mind – would end. You would be left with YOU here as all that exists – here in physicality. And the principle within which you would live would be – what supports you as Life within the equality and oneness of Life that is you.
It is inevitable that all realize this – because in common sense and self honesty – this is the reality of what is here that we are experiencing – this is the reality of how we are creating this world.
Many in this world experience themselves as limited – as not free enough – but are unable to understand why – and all they know how to do is seek out freedom within experiences that allow them to escape reality even further. Look with common sense at art and spirituality and you will see that these exist as the creation of an alternate reality in which one can generate an experience through beliefs, images and ideas, which makes one feel ‘more alive’ – when in fact all they are doing is further separating themselves from reality, from themselves – further enslaving themselves to an illusion.
If we all continue to exist within wanting to preserve what exists in our minds which we believe to be real – then freedom will never exist. Life will never be lived actually – because in existing in such a way – ‘who we are’ is not life – but rather ‘who we are’ is using life, abusing life – and therefore abusing ourselves for the sake of not having to face the truth of what we are creating in physicality, in matter while constantly existing in fear of losing ourselves – never seeing what really matters.

What matters? What matters is what I do in matter. In every moment, the matter at hand is how matter is being moved in my hands.
How does matter free man? Through considering what is here in matter, and realizing that what is here as matter is myself – in being equal with what is here in matter, I then live as matter – and in this I am actually deciding the direction all matter will take – the direction all that is here will take.
Therefore, when I move as matter, as physicality within the consideration of all here equally as myself as matter – I am moving the whole of physicality, the whole of matter into that consideration. I am standing as what is here within the principle of me being equal with all that is here – walking as this principle until I am actually here, equal with all – aware of all as me.
Thus, I am ‘reclaiming’ the physical, reclaiming Life from existing merely as a source of energy with which to continue generating my existence as an energetic entity of mind existing within an alternate, non-physical reality. Within directing myself as Life within and as matter as a whole, I am then the directive principle of the physical – and I walk as that directive principle in timelessness – with who I am no longer being subject to the limitations of time and space because I am always here as the physical – until all stand here within the same principle, until all are equal with the physical and death is no more – and only Life remains.
Matter is the source of eternal Life – to stand equal with the physical is to stand as the source of the physical, to stand as eternity as Life – and in this be able to walk through all that is here while remaining constant and immovable – ensuring that inevitably, Life will be freed.