This blog is where I share perspectives that open up from my application of the principles and tools pioneered by Desteni: Standing as the Principle of Life that is Equal and One within all things, Here as the Moment of Breath that grounds me in the Stability of my Physical Body, and from this starting point, Assisting and Supporting myself to use Self Honest self investigative writing to look at my Starting Point in Who I Am as what I am Accepting and Allowing myself to participate in within my mind, words, inner experiences, decisions, and behaviors. For instance, what self definitions am I defending? What beliefs am I defending? What fantasies, ideas, expectations and desires are being triggered? What am I projecting onto the moment, or onto another, that is causing me to see and experience only my own mind and emotions? What emotionally charged memory is being triggered in me? What fear is being triggered? In what ways have I accepted and allowed myself to be conditioned to see myself, others, and the world according to how self and the world is presented in media, movies, tv, religion, spirituality, school, etc, etc.? What definitions and values and associations have I connected to words? In short – how am I actually CREATING my experience of myself? Because – everything that I am and experience myself to be = is in ME. I am alone with all that is ME. Therefore, what do I Accept myself to exist as? Do I want to be subject to / controlled by patterns of positive and negative reactions that cycle over and over again within me according to triggers such as the words and behaviors of others? Or do I want to be able to understand where another’s words and behaviors are coming from? Do I want to be the Creator of myself? Or the product of conditioning / the past? Am I the Directive Principle of myself? Or is some experience I don’t fully understand, the Directive Principle of me? Are my words and actions an actual Self movement of Self Expression? Or are my words and actions just reactive patterns playing out automatically?

You can learn more about this approach to living and test out the tools for yourself by enrolling in the free Desteni I Process course online.

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