We are experiencing a time of clashing views and values, emotionally charged debate, finger pointing, victimization, anger, blame, spite – and the list goes on. It’s a time of change forced by consequence, and change is painful because it requires self accountability and a willingness to face difficult parts of who and how we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be. We face many contentious social issues, with so many fighting to defend that which they believe defines them; views, opinions, beliefs, history, culture, tradition. But how can we move forward effectively if we don’t make an effort to step outside of our own views to uncover as many dimensions of the problem as we can? How can we we end the harm and consequences stemming from dysfunctional and abusive Human values and behaviors and come to a solution if we don’t understand the creation process behind those behaviors? And how can we understand the creation process behind someone else’s behaviors if we don’t understand our own creation process?

How can we create a free society and a free world where we honor each other as equals and live to our full potential for self expression, if we are not free as an individual to self reflect, deconstruct, and change our own programming? How can we redefine and transform our world from one of Survival and Division to one of Living and Equality, when survival and division still exists within our own minds, emotions, self definitions and reactions?


This blog is where I share my investigations, observations, and perspectives on Self, Society, and Freedom. My insights come from my years of working on myself, applying the self development tools pioneered by Desteni.

Desteni is a group of individuals (we call ourselves Destonians) who agree that in essence we are all – humans, animals, plants, the entire physical universe – made of the same stuff and have the same source, which is Life. We have a shared interest in taking responsibility for who we are in and as our thoughts, emotions, decisions, words, and actions. We ask ourselves whether what is inside ourselves as our thoughts, words, definitions, values, beliefs, behaviors, decisions, reflects our recognition of the Equality that connects us – or whether it reflects patterns that don’t really support us to live our best potential, keeping us trapped in fears, judgments, blame, division, etc. Starting with this premise we then work with writing, self honesty, self forgiveness, and practical self change, and we share what we learn about ourselves and each other through our self application as we walk our individual journeys. If this strikes a chord with you, you can learn more and test out the tools for yourself by enrolling in the free Desteni I Process course online.

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