What is Desteni?

What is Desteni? Who is Desteni? What is the Equal Life Foundation?

Over the past 9 years the principles, tools, and support shared by Desteni have enabled me to become more effective in all aspects of my life and develop a deeper understanding of what it means to consider and care about myself and others.

Desteni and the Desteni Process is a huge step toward a better world because much of the suffering, conflict, violence, and inequality we see on a large scale stems from the relationships we form with people and things based on judgments, suppressions, opinions, fears, beliefs. Desteni offers a way to change at a practical level for those who are interested in better managing our inner world, so that we can better manage our outer world.

Here’s a little Q and A about Desteni, in my own words:

Q: Is Desteni a “cult”?

A: Nope, Desteni is a culture and global community of individuals who share with the world our individual processes of using the tools of Breathing, Writing, Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, and Self Corrective Application to improve our lives and become more effective and responsible Human Beings. These tools were first tested by a group of people in South Africa, and when they were found to be effective for working through all kinds of emotional and personal issues, the Desteni group was formed as a way to share the tools and support others to learn how to use them in daily life.

Q: Is Desteni a religion?

A: Nope. Desteni is about taking responsibility for yourself and your destiny – learning to give practical direction to yourself in life instead of following a belief system. As a group we support each other to become more effective in taking self responsibility and working through the challenges of changing ourselves for the better.

Q: Is Desteni a MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

A: Nope, Desteni operates an online content store, and online courses which cost money because at the moment money is required in order to live and create things in this world.

Q: Why do I see content related to words like ‘Reptilians’, ‘Atlanteans’, and so forth?

A: I’d say the best way to answer that would be to recommend that you research the history of how Desteni came about, which is best done through studying the History of Desteni Volume 1 E-book which you can find here at the EQAFE store: https://eqafe.com/p/the-history-of-desteni-volume-1
More info from www.desteni.org :

The Message:

“Desteni is the message of Oneness and Equality. You may ask yourself: What is oneness and equality? What does that actually mean?

Oneness, from a literal perspective, is the understanding that we all come from the same substance: matter – the substance of the earth. Our bodies come from the earth, and return to the earth when we die. What we do to the substance of the earth affects everyone Here, as well as the generations to come.

Common sense dictates that we should treat everything we can see, touch, and feel with the consideration that it is One with us: we consume the products of the earth, we turn its fruit into our flesh, our children’s bodies are composed of its elements, and we heal ourselves with its medicine.
Equality indicates that there is no part of the whole that is greater or lesser than another. Every element is equal to the next, the earth provides equally to all. In the dynamic natural cycle, everything has it’s place, and it is only by human intervention in the form of misplaced value, judgment and belief, that we have created an inequality on earth.

However, we, as human beings, are also equal. No one of us is ‘more alive’ or has ‘more life’ than another, regardless of social class, education, age, gender or race. We are equal beings that are born innocent, and all deserve a chance to live a dignified life. It is only in the mind of man, in the realm of thought, that this can be considered ‘untrue’. Equality does not mean every man should receive the same quantity, but that each should receive what he/she requires in order to reach his or her utmost potential.

The main focus of Desteni’s research at this moment is the human mind: how it functions, why it functions the way it does and how it can be changed. When we say “mind”, we are referring to that part of you that is thinking and feeling. Your mind is that part of you that tells you that you’re not good enough, that you are right and everyone else is wrong; that it’s not your fault; that uses thoughts to create emotional experiences like anger that may lead you to say or do something you end up regretting.”

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What is the The Equal Life Foundation? 

Desteni isn’t just about improving our own lives and relationships for our individual benefit. Ultimately, those of us who stand as a ‘Destonian’ are interested in seeing a world where everyone has the resources and support to live a dignified and fulfilled life. The Equal Life Foundation is an organization busy with researching and developing practical solutions that could eventually be implemented to take steps toward a world where Life is worth living for everyone.

Learn more at: http://equallife.org/index.php/missionvision